In Marketing Today, No Matter The Question, The Answer Is Simple: More Content. 

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Content, content, content, content.

It’s not like you haven’t heard this before. Likely you’ve been hearing it for a few years now from the FPA, from marketing companies, from industry magazines and people like me. And yet, most financial planners aren’t doing anything about it. They are parading around like nothing’s changed.

Everything has changed.

Think about how you watch TV. I bet when you kick your feet up after a long day at the office and you plop down on the couch, you’re not channel surfing. You’re opening up your DVR and watching your favorite shows that are ready and waiting for you to watch on demand. Or you open up Netflix and start the next hot series someone told you about.

While you watch TV you’re also on your phone catching up on Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram for the day. You’re scrolling past photos from friends and silly Internet memes and videos. Something catches your attention and you’re now watching a video on your phone while also watching TV on the couch.

This is not unique.

It’s the norm. It’s our new trained behavior. And if you (put on your small business owner and marketing director hat) are not in the newsfeed of your prospects, you don’t exist.

And how exactly do you enter the newsfeed of your prospects and local market?

By creating and distributing more content. Especially if you aren’t creating any now.

This content is not you sharing links to news stories or articles either. It needs to be content you are creating that gets people to know you, like you and trust you. It’s content that puts a face to a name. It’s content where you are the one adding value, not passing that off to some journalist who wrote a financial article.

You need to be the one with whom people associate great commentary, advice and insights.

That means you on camera talking. You in photos. Your unique thoughts and opinions in a blog post, while playing nice with compliance, which is more than possible.

People don’t pay you to read them the news. They pay you for your insights.

That’s why simply sharing a link to an article from The New York Times will never work. Everyone can find and has access to that article. What they can’t find is your insight. Filming a two-minute snackable video that helps your local community do something or learn something or change something because of that article or piece of news or new law or new study is what will make you a financial leader in your field.

It Used to Be Easy

There were a few hit TV shows and you could run some local commercials during prime time to get in front of your community. Prime time today is what people are seeing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ‪from 5 p.m. to midnight. Your job today is to capitalize on that. Not to fight it. Not to ignore it. Not to shrug it off as a young person’s game. But to understand this is what we do. This is what consumes our attention. And that’s what you want—attention.

Eating My Own Cooking

This is the answer for me and my business too. Personally, I am creating a weekly TV show, “The Ambitious Life.” This show features me, talking to the camera for three to five minutes every week offering insights into how you can grow your business using video and content to live a more ambitious life. Then, every single day we share 60-second to two-minute video clips, which we call snackables, that are edited from speeches, interviews, episodes and anything else I have filmed to share on these platforms. There is also a highly produced reality show on Amazon Prime. There are daily images for Instagram. There are near daily emails and newsletters. Guest blog posts like the one you are reading right now. Monthly print newsletters that get sent via the mail. Facebook and Instagram Ads driving new prospects to check out all this content. Webinars. And so on and so on.

Content. Content is the answer. With more content you have more at bats. Not everything is a home run. Most financial planners treat marketing as if they need a home run at every at bat.

I just want an at bat. I just want an at bat for you. With enough at bats you’re going to get on base a lot and even hit a few out of the park. Stop thinking what you are doing now is enough. Especially when you know you can help someone with one of the most stressful pieces of his or her life—money.

It’s time to go all in. Content. Content. Content. Content.

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Greg Rollett is an Emmy® Award Winning Producer and Founder of AmbitiousTV, an online TV network that gives a voice to small business owners. To learn more about working with Greg to create your own online TV show, or a video marketing strategy for your financial practice, visit or send an email to


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