Learning about Leadership through Baseball

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“Baseball is this huge analogy for life,” said Rebecca Herman, Ph.D., professor of leadership and organizational development at Kaplan University’s school of business. Herman spoke to FPA volunteer leaders about leadership and volunteerism at the FPA Chapter Leaders Conference in Broomfield, Colo.

Herman, a baseball fanatic and co-author of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership, shared the following steps to effective leadership:

Lead Yourself
To be an effective leader, you must lead yourself. According to Herman, this takes passion, leading by example, and respect. “Leading by example is one of the best behavioral lessons we can give our team,” said Herman.

Leading Others
The next step to effective leadership is leading others. To do this successfully, Herman says you must cultivate relationships (spend time with the people on your team each day), communicate effectively, and support your people. After interviewing dozens of Major League Baseball players for her book, Herman was shocked to learn that what players wanted most from their managers was support; they wanted their managers to have their back.

Leading the Game
This is what Herman considers your expertise. She encouraged the planners in the room—experts in financial planning—to stay up to date on their expertise, to foster teamwork and create a winning culture.

All these steps will lead to becoming a major league leader, scoring a home run and experiencing your own version of that champagne-popping moment of winning the World Series.

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