More Intelligent Referrals, Step 2: Create a Powerful and Meaningful Message

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Now that you have a new outlook on referrals and have built a system to support creating real relationships with key clients, the next step is to consider the client’s point of view and position yourself as the front-runner by anticipating their needs and emotions. Referrals take trust, and trust must be earned. You might have found that other referral strategies can feel disingenuous and ultimately erode trust rather than built it. Change your approach now and position yourself as someone your clients know, like, trust, and remember.

Start by considering these three top strategies, continued from Frank Maselli’s book Referrals the Professional Way: 10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients & Centers of Influence to help you earn trust and position yourself positively in the eyes of your top clients:

Position Referrals from Strength

Referrals can sound desperate if not positioned carefully. Remember, you are the “Financial Lifeguard” with unique and powerful skills. Without your help and guidance, high-net-worth investors in your community will not reach their financial goals. Your message should be based on your concern for the successful financial future of others and positioned as a limited opportunity. Believe in this philosophy, communicate it genuinely, and make it the cornerstone of your referral approach.

Stay Top of Mind

Your clients are busy people. They’re not thinking about you or who to refer to you. But, every day they interact with other people to whom you would love to be referred. Stay on the client’s personal radar screen in positive and creative ways that help them remember you exist and are worthy. Use phone calls, emails, newsletters, events or special gifts—anything for the client to have on hand for reference and bring you to mind when someone asks, “Can you recommend a good financial adviser?”

Address the Risks and Emotions of Referrals

Top clients and centers of influence run huge personal and professional risks when referring friends, families and colleagues. Making these risks go away will dramatically increase the number and quality of referrals you get. Demonstrate an understanding of these risks and fears by discussing them openly and showing in detail how you handle referrals. Doing this will boost your odds of getting referrals and will distinguish you from other financial professionals.

Implementing these strategies into your referral approach will put you in a position of trust and likeability with your top clients while further building solid relationships. Stay top of mind with powerful materials that further position you as the expert in your field.  Discover how becoming an author can benefit your financial planning business and provide you with the ultimate business card to support your referral approach. Referrals will seem like an easy next step for your clients if you continue to add value, solve problems, address needs and make it easy and natural for your clients to participate.

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