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After working for many years for several well-known national retail brokers, I recently joined an independent RIA. In my new role, I am in charge of business development as well as building strong relationships with local community leaders. Looking into various ways to network, I am finding that nonprofit organizations provide a great opportunity for advisers to network by giving. 

Whether you are passionate about combating poverty in poor countries, providing care to the elderly in your city or promoting music and arts in your neighborhood, chances are there are a number of nonprofit organizations that share your passion. Undoubtedly, there are many national organizations that do great work in many areas, but for advisers who are looking to connect on a local level, it can be challenging to find good information on local organizations. Thanks to community leaders who are passionate about giving, there are now many resources available that connect charitably minded advisers to local organizations that support the same causes. 

A good starting point is the website of your local government. Most city government websites have a “community” section that acts as a hub for information on local charitable organizations. You will often find information on local chapters of large national organizations such as Boy Scouts of America or Kiwanis Club. But you will also find information on organizations that are started by community activists to serve the needs of local residents. These organizations are often the best way to get to know the community leaders and expand your network on a local level.

Another great resource is, which provides a searchable database of charitable organizations from around the country. The site currently maintains information on more than 63,000 organizations (and growing). A quick search using key words “education” and “Los Angeles” returned more than 600 organizations, for example. 

Ultimately, the purpose of our work is to enhance the lives of those we touch. Working with local nonprofit organizations is a great way for advisers to combine their charitable aspirations with their professional endeavors. 

Andrew B. Chou, CFP®
Senior Portfolio Manager
Westmount Asset Management
Los Angeles

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