Q&A Sites: A New Way to Reach Your Target Market

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If by now you have decided to give social media a try, I expect you have LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts in place. Now the million-dollar question is:  How can you increase your online visibility and concurrently attract qualified visitors to your website?

A fundamental rule behind the success of your social media effort is to understand where your key audiences are—specifically where your clients and prospects go online to find the answers to their financial/investment questions.

Welcome to social media Q&A sites! You may recall Answers.com and Yahoo! Answers, but a couple of  the biggest and most popular Q&A names in the space today are Quora and Stack Exchange.

Launched as a private social network, Quora features quality content especially on technology and social media topics. Stack Exchange operates on a network of 57 related sites and boasts 2.1 million visitors per day.

These sites provide advisers with an additional platform to position themselves as experts by allowing them to offer their insights and knowledge to a selective audience—one that purposely leverages such platforms to gather expert opinions and solutions to their financial issues.

Here are a few strategies for effectively using Q&A sites to increase your visibility.

Position Yourself as an Expert Source
Seek to address only questions for which you are confident you can provide the most credible and exhaustive answers. If you identify a specific financial category that matches your expertise, try to offer your comments and input on a regular basis. This will help you create an audience, position yourself as an expert source, build credibility and gain popularity.

The Power of SEO
In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Q&A sites rank well because they are updated frequently as people ask and answer questions. Search engines assign top ranking to frequently updated sites because their content is populated with key words and links to additional information relevant to the topic at hand. What makes your participation in Q&A sites worthwhile is that an increasing number of users conduct their online search by typing specific questions. No better place than a Q&A site to provide them with direct answers to their questions.

Link, Link, Link
If you want to attract new visitors to your site, give them your website address. If you want to increase the chances they’ll visit your site, give them a link that will instantly take them there. In answering questions, make sure to always include a link to your website to give readers the option to learn more about your firm. You can either provide a traditional link featuring your Website address or, embed the link in one or more keywords. What better time for a reader to want to learn more about you and your firm than at the moment in which he or she receives your guidance and perceives you as a subject matter expert.  

Attract Qualified Traffic
Participating in Q&A sites enables you to drive more targeted traffic to your site. If you specialize in retirement planning and you answer questions related to retirement on your favorite Q&A site, your answers will likely pop up whenever someone searches on that topic. If that individual finds that your insights are relevant to their issue, she will likely feel compelled to click on the link(s) you provide.

Are you using any Q&A sites? What has been your experience?

Claudio Pannunzio

i-Impact Group Inc.
Greenwich, Conn.

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  1. Q&A sites add diversity of links which Google and other search engines really like. Plus, through it, a business can build their authority on their niche because of the expertise they lend through answering questions related to their business.

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