Recycle to Boost Your Blog ROI!

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Waste and blog posts have one thing in common—both can be recycled. In the case of waste, recycling helps the environment thrive. Recycling blog content helps advisers expand their audience.

As an adviser, your goal for blogging is not limited to simply posting your ideas and insights. Making blog content valuable to new subscribers becomes essential to help you build credibility and trust, and grow your business. However, I am aware that creating new content can be a time-consuming activity. So, I’d like to show you how to introduce your new subscribers to some of your best content without having to do any major work.

How? Recycle your content and make it available in other formats that your audience enjoys. The art of recycling simply consists of taking an article/post that you published a few months back, refreshing it to make it more current and republishing it. Here are three basic steps that we recommend our adviser clients follow when they rework an old article/post:

  1. Create a New Title: The title is what catches readers’ attention, so go for bold, exciting and catchy.
  2. Rework the Article: Republishing the exact same thing won’t do. Use the old piece as a basis for a new and more engaging story, or write a new story on a related topic.
  3. Make It Current: Remove any reference to strategies, products and opinions that have become obsolete since the original piece was posted/published and replace them with your new and more current ideas.

Let me also point out a few of the many benefits associated with recycling content:

  • Positions you as an expert and builds trust with new subscribers, as you provide value information
  • Generates more traffic to your site
  • Further builds on previously successful posts/articles by bringing them back to life to generate new excitement
  • Contributes to creating a stronger brand
  • Saves you precious time in those instances when you do not know what to write
  • Fresh comments and engagement contribute to improve Search Engine Optimization

Here are some additional tactics to expand your audience. These are simple and require minimal effort on your part:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Post links to your re-crafted article on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Client Presentations: Use your best articles and posts to create new client presentations or to make existing ones more compelling
  3. Email Delivery: Some people may not be social media savvy and prefer receiving your insights in an email format rather than reading your blog or a Tweet
  4. Your e-newsletter: Use your best and most successful posts as ideas or content for your newsletter

If you use different strategies to recycle and distribute content, I encourage you to share them with us.

Claudio Pannunzio
i-Impact Group Inc.
Greenwich, Conn.


One thought on “Recycle to Boost Your Blog ROI!

  1. Claudio,

    Great post! I’ve been recycling my content by posting a top posts of the previous month list, and that’s helped to get further traffic to some of that previous work.

    Thanks for your contributions to the FPA!


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