The Power of a Powerful Mission Statement

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As the head of your firm, you are the one who intimately knows how your business works and holds the vision of its future growth. Most importantly, you are the one who can articulate better than anyone else what makes your business so special. One of the best ways to achieve the latter is by creating a well conceived and clear mission statement.  

A mission statement is the vehicle that enables you to convey the reasons why your organization exists. A solid mission statement is as important as your business plan, as it explains in a concise and passionate manner the reasons behind your business’s existence.

Your mission statement should engage readers and concurrently spark in them the desire to learn more about your ideas and what your firm does. Ultimately, it helps you consolidate your brand in the marketplace and helps your business grow. A good mission statement must always include words that trigger emotional responses. For example, one of the core aspirations of an average investor is to be financially secure. By appealing to such a goal, a carefully worded statement should seek to set off a series of powerful emotions that will enable you to take the conversation—and ultimately the relationship—with your prospect to a more profound level.

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to create your mission statement—or revisit it to evaluate whether it should be revised or refreshed:

Outline Your Reasons 
Begin by asking yourself some key questions: What type of business am I in? Why am I in this business? What do I really want to achieve for myself, my clients and my family? What are the core differentiators or attributes that define me and my firm? Seek to underscore the long-term vision of what you want your business to become. Without a vision it is hard to motivate and gain your team’s support, as well as your clients’ loyalty.

Foster Your Brand
Leverage the power of your mission statement to build your unique brand. Underscore your firm’s unique values and differentiators to your key audiences to help them separate your firm from your competitors.

Honesty Above All
Craft a mission statement that truly reflects your core beliefs. Bear in mind that this is not an advertising piece. Consequently, stay away from self-serving statements and steer clear of words like best, cutting-edge, world leader, etc.

Short and Sweet
All great mission statements have in common one simple yet powerful characteristic: they are easy to read and memorize. Avoid lengthy and multiple sentences that sound like an analysis of your business in favor of a concise recap of the key facts and differentiators.  

Simple Does It
Remember that when it comes to mission statements, less is more. Do not attempt to cram as much as you can into the statement. Just underscore the fundamental facts, goals and objectives to enable readers to attain an immediate understanding of your firm and its services.

Watch Your Language!
Your mission statement must be persuasive, grammatically impeccable and unambiguous. Before implementing it, run it by different people both inside and outside your organization. Ideally, seek the help of a PR professional or an editor to fine tune it.

Have you put in place a mission statement for your firm? How’s it working for you? As always, I’d welcome feedback, comments and questions.

Claudio Pannunzio
i-Impact Group Inc.
Greenwich, Conn.

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