The Power of Perspective

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The way we look at prioritizing our day sometimes affects the way we feel and the way we act. The tricky part about priorities is that we sometimes stumble in setting them appropriately and consistently. We should always turn our mistakes into opportunities for learning, which is what putting your troubles into perspective is really all about.

The “power of perspective” is how you consciously choose to channel your thoughts. There are simply two paths: focusing your mental energies toward productive actions or getting caught up in the storm. It is important to become aware of where your perspective lies because your clients often will mirror your mood.

If you are constantly a bearer of good news, you can stand out. You can be a beacon of light on an otherwise dark and stormy sea (the economy). By choosing to keep your attitude positive and upbeat you give people one more reason to do business with you. You can put the power of perspective to work for you.

The key to keeping a favorable perspective is to routinely ask yourself when faced with a dilemma, “What is the opportunity within this obstacle?”

This week, take a moment to determine how you view what you do in your business. Are your immediate thoughts about challenges or solutions? Are you satisfied with your perspective? If not, apply the following four steps to increase your power of perspective:

Step 1: Check In with Your Mental State

Often, when one is faced with a new challenge, negative thoughts occur. Simply “check in” with your own state of mind by asking yourself, “Why am I feeling this way about this new challenge?” to instantly become aware of any negative thoughts and interrupt the pattern before it spirals out of control.

Step 2: Look for the Opportunity Within the Obstacle

Changing your mental state of mind from negative to positive can simply occur when you ask yourself, “What is the number one opportunity that could come of this situation?” This is important because it offers the turning point in increasing your power of positive perspective.

Step 3: Act on the Opportunity

Prioritize the tasks necessary to find success with any new opportunity and take care of them at a predetermined time (i.e. during client servicing hours) so that you can continue working on what you were doing when the opportunity arose.

Step 4: Assess the Opportunity

Assess any opportunity by asking yourself, “What is great about it? Did I help someone? Did this reinforce my business relationship with a client?” Questions such as these will force you to look for the positive outcomes of seizing opportunities out of obstacles.

Daniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions Inc.
St. Paul, Minn.

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