FPA’s Practice Mgmt. Center Has a Blog, How About You?


Whenever I recommend a small business owner create a blog I can almost guarantee what I will hear next. “I don’t know what I would write about.”  

The thing is, writing a blog for your financial planning business doesn’t need to be hard. I have a blog at http://www.ktgdenver.com/technology-blog that I usually update a few times a week. How do I find content for my blog? I just follow my morning routine, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and read the latest news.  

When I find a technology article that I think is interesting, I now have my content for a blog post. After picking an article I will usually provide a brief summary, my two cents on the issue and a link to the original article. Writing a blog post will usually only take 5-10 minutes out of my day. When you don’t have to rack your brain over what to write about, you take the hardest part out of blogging.  

So why do I think a blog is important? The biggest reason is for the traffic it brings to my Web site. When I look over the website traffic graphs I see people came to my site by searching for terms as varied as, “where did flour come from” to “how to convince someone to buy an iphone” to “linux for the windows power user” to “google apps in the corporate environment.” These are topics I would not normally cover on my Web site, but the blog is a perfect place to address them.  

When I add up the total number of visitors who get to my Web site through searches that return my blog, it accounts for nearly 26 percent of my traffic over the past six months. So I can safely say that without a blog I would have at least 26 percent less Web site traffic.  Those numbers should be reason enough for every small business to maintain a blog.  

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2 thoughts on “FPA’s Practice Mgmt. Center Has a Blog, How About You?

  1. Looking for intuitive easy to use portfolio management software that has performance reporting.

    Any suggestions?

  2. It really depends on your clients and your needs. The staple in Portfolio Management is Advent. There are others in the industry have have recently started taking market share from Advent. Specifically there is BlackDiamond Performance Reporting and Orion Advisors. Both of these product tend to be more graphical and they both provide a trun-key solution. Therefore you do not need to reconcile the data. The other item you may want to consider in a Portfolio Management system is if the system is GIPS compliant. They all will claim they are GIPS compliant, but ask if they have been audited by a third party. The cost of each of these systems vary, but check with your custodian first. Many have special “deals” with these vendors.

    Good Luck
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