One (free) phone number to rule them all

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Having an extra phone number is great. Having to carry around two cell phones is a pain. No one wants to be that guy (or girl) who has multiple cell phones clipped on his belt. Sorry folks, it just isn’t cool to be the, “I have multiple cell phones” guy.  

Google Voice is a service that provides you with a free phone number that automatically forwards calls to other phones you have. With Google Voice you can provide people a single number that will ring your home office and cell.  

Behind this single phone number is a powerful system. Some of the coolest features of Google Voice are:

  • Call screening
  • Call blocking
  • Send, receive and store text messages
  • Setup certain phones to ring based on who calls
  • Voicemail is transcribed into text and emailed to you
  • Forward or download your voicemail  

Before you ditch that second phone holster, you need to get a Google Voice account. The catch is that Google is only sending out a limited number of invitations. Get your invite at

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One thought on “One (free) phone number to rule them all

  1. Google Voice is an absolute lifesaver. The features of it are amazing, like the ability to have an out of state area code. I’ve got a few extra invites. Also I hope that Apple rethinks the Google Voice app, hwo could such an killer application get not accepted by Apple?

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