In Thanksgiving of You, Readers and Bloggers

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Most likely you are nowhere near your computer, your tablet or phone right now to be able to read this. I hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving meals surrounded by the people you love and appreciate most in this world.

But since you are all loyal readers, you’ll read this eventually, so I wanted to tell you a few things.

Today, in lieu of our normal blog post, I wanted to convey to you, readers, how much I appreciate the time you take out of your day to read our blog posts. I hope that they provide you some takeaways to improve your financial planning practices.

But our dear bloggers, I wanted to tell you that on this Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for your knowledge, your expertise and your dedication to writing for the FPA Practice Management Blog. I realize that it is a tremendous gift that you give of your time and your talent to share what you know with Financial Planning Association members and soon-to-be members.

I appreciate you all. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Ana Trujillo Limón is associate editor of the Journal of Financial Planning and the editor of the FPA Practice Management Blog. Email her at Follow her on Twitter at @AnaT_Edits.


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