The Power of Niche and Intentionality

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Adam Kornegay of Pathfinder Strategic Solutions knows of a highly successful personal trainer who specializes in getting brides into shape for their big day.

“He built a little niche for himself in that area and what happens is when people get married, they will have a friend that’s getting married and then say, ‘Oh, you need to go see Harold, he’s the one who made me fit for my wedding day,’” Kornegay said.

A common marketing mistake among financial planners is that they try to be all things to all people. Instead, planners should specialize in their strength areas.

“Rather than being a generic financial planner, having a very specific niche gives your clients a way to talk about you to their colleagues and friends,” Kornegay said, adding that doing so will likely help generate referrals.

Once you’ve established your niche, being intentional with the type of content you create to serve that niche is imperative, says Sonya Dreizler, CFP®, of Solutions with Sonya.

“Marketing should be intentional,” Dreizler said. “It’s not something that you should just do. If you want to do it well, you should spend time with it.”

Create a plan, decide what type of content you’re going to generate, and tailor your message to your specific audience.

Zoë Meggert, founder of Perfectly Planned Content, says a mistake she sees financial planners make frequently is that they don’t tailor their messages.

“They’re talking about really general financial topics and they’re not addressing a niche,” Meggert said.

If it’s too general, it feels like a textbook and could turn off potential clients. Identifying a specific niche and being intentional about crafting content specifically for that audience helps prospects better connect with you.

For Kali Roberge, founder of Creative Advisor Solutions, marketing is simply communication.

“It’s how you share or tell a story to a group of people who have a problem you can solve,” Roberge said. “The fundamental skills you need to market well have nothing to do with tactics or tools. You need to be empathetic to other people.”

FPA members can listen to an on-demand recording of the July Journal in the Round titled “Marketing Fails to Learn From” for more tips on how to avoid the common marketing mistakes planners make.

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