Best of 2017: Top Blog Posts of Last Year

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Before you dive into 2018, brush up on the top 10 Practice Management Blog posts of 2017.

10.) Use these Behavioral Tips to ‘Science’ Your Clients on Saving”

This post by Dan Martin, the director of marketing for the Financial Planning Association, gives planners helpful tips to navigate the common excuses clients have for not saving enough. Martin offers scientific facts for why clients make these excuses and how you can use these facts to your advantage to help your clients save more.

9.) “Use the ‘Mere Exposure Effect’ to Attract More Clients”

This post by Samantha Russell, the director of sales and marketing for Twenty Over Ten, explores how you can utilize your blog and social media platforms to make prospects and clients more familiar with you. Russell reports that the more content you put out there, the more people will see you and the more favorably they will view you, otherwise known as the mere exposure effect. Russell also offers you some ideas for blog posts.

8.) “Creating a Childlike Curiosity”

You probably noticed when chatting with children that they have no problem asking lots of questions when they’re genuinely interested in something. Daniel Finley, president of Advisor Solutions, writes that it would be in your best interest to have that kind of curiosity when it comes to getting to know your clients and prospects. Finley offers tips on how to do this.

7.) “5 Tips to Help You Take Charge of your Social Media Strategy”

FPA’s Marketing Director Dan Martin makes the list again with this blog post giving you tips on how to best utilize social media for business success. This post arms planners with five tips to build a social-driven prospecting strategy from scratch.

6.) “Framing the Conversation: What to Say in the First 60 Seconds”

While this might seem like basic information, it doesn’t ever hurt to brush up on the basics. Daniel Finley of Advisor Solutions gives you a quick refresher on how to frame the conversation and get prospects to make an appointment with you.

5.) “The 2-Prong Approach to Marketing: Simplify Efforts and Improve Results”

Kristin Harad of Financial Planner Marketing offers this sound advice: when it comes to marketing, less is more. In this post, she encourages planners to simplify your marketing efforts by clarifying who you’re talking to, embracing your personal expression and focusing on one content marketing channel.

4.) “The 6 Personality Traits of Successful People”

Jean Chatzky’s session at FPA Annual Conference in Nashville had a wealth of information, but some of the most important takeaways were the six personality traits of successful people. Chatzky, the financial editor of the Today Show, noted that these personality traits are just as important as good financial habits. Find out what they are by reading this post by yours truly one more time.

3.) “4 Questions to Attract More Clients”

Dave Zoller of Streamline My Practice offers the questions you need to ask yourself to clarify what you have to offer to your potential clients. Exploring the answers to these four questions will make communicating your value to prospects easier and more successful.

2.) “To Instantly Connect with Your Prospects, Use the Magic Question”

Zoller is back again on the list with a blog post about questions, only this blog post examines the question you need to ask potential clients in order to connect with them. Find out what it is by reading this post again.

1.) “7 Deadly Sins of Website Design”

The most popular blog post of 2017 was by Samantha Russell of Twenty Over Ten. This post examined common mistakes planners might be making when it comes to designing their websites. Read this post again to see what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. Or read it again to congratulate yourself on a website well designed.

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