Oh the Capabilities! FPA launches Professional Development Center

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PDC_Guide.inddMany of us might not know the full capabilities of our smart phones, then we discover a cool, new-to-us feature that we’re over the moon about. “Wow,” we might think. “I didn’t know my phone could do that!”

Having a smart phone that you don’t use to its full capacity is kind of like being a member of a professional association and not utilizing all the educational and professional development features it has to offer you. Until now, finding all those features may have been difficult for Financial Planning Association members.

But it shouldn’t be difficult anymore.

FPA recently launched the Professional Development Center, an integrated learning environment with the highest-quality live, virtual and self-study content curated for you. FPA put in one place everything you’ll need to learn your way.

“This is the beginning of shifting our educational focus from primarily offering continuing education credits to being the most valuable continuous learning resource for all CFP professionals,” says George Bradley, director of professional development at FPA. “We are already hearing that our message and our integrated solutions are resonating with members.”
0115JFP PageSuiteCvr.inddThat message perhaps hasn’t been articulated well in the past, writes Journal of Financial Planning Editor Carly Schulaka in the Journal’s September issue.

“FPA has been delivering top-notch professional development to members since our inception,” Schulaka writes. And now FPA is articulating that message to make it easier for members to find educational and professional development opportunities. “The learning is in print, it’s live, it’s virtual. More importantly, it’s continuous and integrated.”

In your September Journal, you will find your Professional Development Center Guide, which will highlight all the features of the FPA Professional Development Center and guide you to its very own webpage, where you can find the latest professional education, community discussions, career development, the Journal, and practice management content and resources. Under those umbrellas are a number of other features including FPA Knowledge Circles, valuable webinars and MentorMatch, among others.

For all things learning and professional development, visit www.OneFPA.org/PDC. Download your Professional Development Guide here.

After reading the guide, you might say: “Wow! I didn’t know my association could do that!”

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