3 Strategies for a More Intelligent Referral Approach: Building the Foundation for Success

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Referrals aren’t just an effective way to grow your business using your top clients and centers of influence. At the core, referrals mean that you want to help more people fulfill their dreams and goals by providing your professional financial services. If you approach referrals from this perspective, and truly tap into your desire to help others, referrals can feel like less of a sales pitch and more like a built-in professional relationship process.

These three key strategies, from Frank Maselli’s book Referrals the Professional Way: 10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients & Centers of Influence, will help you prepare your business for the implementation of a successful referral strategy:

Develop a Referral Plan

This is the first step to success; it will help your idea come alive and will keep you on track. Start gathering data and intelligence, developing awareness of your client’s world. Create a Referral Intelligence File (RIF) for chosen clients and prospects that notates their personal and professional interests and their community involvement, and then do your research and note potential referrals within their network to suggest, so they don’t have to do the work for you.

Provide Excellent Service

Take the time to assess and perfect your service model. Manage expectations and learn to anticipate the needs of your top clients to deliver service beyond their expectations. In addition, it’s key to build a great partnership with your assistant and ensure he or she is trained properly and compensated well. Your assistant is the front line in strengthening client relationships and an asset in ensuring top-notch service.

Build Your Brand Identity

What makes you special and different from your competitors? Make sure you develop a strong brand identity that includes your differentiated value, explains what you consistently do well, and does so in a compelling story to share in your marketing and referral efforts. Build your brand identity in a clear way so that your clients can easily tell your story to their friends.

By planning and establishing these three strategies you will set yourself up for a referral approach that is built on a strong foundation and a written plan.

As you create a referral plan, think about the materials you will need to support your brand message and promote your top-notch approach to client service. Having a powerful resource, like a book, and positioning yourself as the expert in your field, as an author, can help increase referrals. A book is your brand story, your marketing, and your sales material in one package. It can be the perfect tool for supporting an innovative and intelligent approach to referrals. Request additional resources and discover how becoming an author can benefit your financial services business.

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