The 2-Prong Approach to Marketing: Simplify Efforts and Improve Results

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Have you ever felt like you’re not doing enough to attract new clients? If you are like many planners, you feel that constant nagging that you should be doing more to get more leads.

With half-done initiatives and a slew of marketing possibilities bombarding you, the urgency you feel amplifies. You react instead of proactively driving what you want to do. The result: frustration, anxiety, and not many new clients.

What if you could simplify your efforts and improve your results? For relief, adopt my two-prong approach to marketing:

Prong 1: Foundation

When you establish a solid foundation for your marketing, you put yourself on a path to profits and sanity.

Clarity on Target Audience

Select your first target client you would like to attract. Who is that next person you want to sign on? To whom will you focus your marketing efforts for the next 12 months? You need to be clear on this person to evaluate opportunities and keep your sanity. Relax; this is your first target, not necessarily your forever target.

Lead Capture & Communication System 

A target client-focused capture and communication system is the single fastest way to get more leads that matter. The majority who land on your site just want information and are not ready to schedule a consultation. Ease them into the prospect experience. When you give away free educational information in exchange for a name and email address (a freemium) your follow-up communications build trust over time.  With this automated system working for you around the clock, you can rest assured that you do not miss out on the people who will most likely convert to clients.

Online Presence and Profile Management

Whether they initiate their own search or do due diligence on a referral, people look for you online. Does the information they find paint the picture you want? Are you crafting messages you want to reinforce, or do you leave it up to chance?

Be sure to “claim your profile” on the online directories and places pages. Start with Google (‎), and Bing ( Add your photo, logo and video to your profile. Describe your target audience and mention your freemium. Do the same on your FPA PlannerSearch profile, your NAPFA profile, and other organizations where you are a member.

Prong 2: Freedom

Freedom is where you embrace your personal expression and creativity.  With the confidence of knowing your foundation elements are solid (or soon will be) you are free to engage proactively with your target audience.

Remember, you are not online to sell—you are there to market. In today’s environment, to market is to create and share content that educates, empowers, editorializes or entertains.  Each piece of content you share online—posts, tweets, videos, podcasts, articles—builds out your story. This overwhelming concept may stop you from taking action.

Here’s how to get past the inertia of content marketing: Pick one marketing channel.

Claim Your Home Base

You “home base” marketing channel is the one content marketing effort you will do no matter what, each week or every two weeks. Select a single outlet and commit to it. It may be your blog, a YouTube channel or a podcast. Share your content on a regular basis in this first channel. Remember that consistency, over quantity, is essential.

Only after you establish your cadence for this single channel do you begin to layer on new initiatives.

Keep it simple and you’ll keep your sanity … and don’t be surprised when more of the right clients give you a call.

Kristin Harad 2014Kristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

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