The 5 Essentials of a Bright Biography

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When a potential client reads, hears or watches your biography, you want to make an immediate connection. This is your opportunity to shine; yet many advisers don’t have the sparkle they could.

Review your biography to see if you have these five essentials

1. Your Who, What and Why
People want to see you are an expert; be sure to tell them you are. This is simply done by stating with specificity whom you help, with what you help, and why you do.  Often times, using a video to covey your “why” brings out your authenticity more than just words on a page.

2. Big (or pretty big) Name Experience
Leverage the brand value of the experience you have, whether or not it is related to financial planning.  The halo effect of well-known companies illuminates your savvy. The same goes for media mentions such as “frequently quoted in USA Today,” or “a go-to resource for Parents magazine,” or awards you have earned such as “Top 5 Financial Advisers in Bergen County.” Include accolades that are relevant and be sure to include any ‘cool factor’ work or travel experience that would start a conversation.

3. Your Street Cred
What makes you a credible adviser? Include memberships, credentials, degrees, education and training. Feel free to showcase logos here, especially for a lesser-known designation to add a charge. Call out universities and armed service duty, two major “connectors.” This section can provide essential validation, especially in your early years when you may not have as much valuable experience.

4. Out and About
Where might people run into you? How might they know you? What volunteer organizations do you support? Are you on a board? What clubs do you belong to? Where do you live? Be specific. Call out your neighborhood. Speak about where you originally grew up. You’re looking for those “Do you happen to know….?” triggers.

5. Get Personal
What do you like to do? How do you spend time outside of work? Who is important in your life? How are you like your target audience? What have you struggled with?  What have you overcome and what do you understand better now that will help your target audience?

Take a look at your biography as if you are your target client. Does it help you stand out, or does it seem lackluster? Maybe it is time to polish it up.

Kristin Harad 2014Kristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco, CA

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