Carrying On When Life Happens

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I can’t help but remember the Boston Marathon just one year ago—I live about a block from the finish line. While I wasn’t a spectator that day, I saw the smoke from the window of my condo and “sheltered in place” in the aftermath of the horrific events on April 15.

A year after the bombings, the stories of the victims and their families demonstrate the resiliency of the human spirit—the family that lost a loved one and now cheerleads for runners; the woman who is dancing again after losing part of her leg; the double amputee who is restarting his life with his fiancée and awaiting the birth of their baby.

Despite incredible loss, they’re continuing to pursue their goals and dreams. Their stories are a testament to our capacity to carry on—and thrive—in the face of serious obstacles.

Most of us will be fortunate not to experience a setback so severe. But at some point, negative events of some kind will likely intervene in an adviser’s life and business. Whether it’s health problems, the death of a loved one, or another unexpected event, the firm will be impacted while the adviser attends to these critical matters. That’s just life.

As Steven Covey points out, successful people make their business fit into their life—not the other way around. We can only try to take these events in stride, dealing with the issue at hand without losing sight of our goals. Take 2008, when the entire industry was suffering and a bit downtrodden. And now think about the recovery that’s occurred since then.

Whether in business or private life, we know that things don’t always go our way. Yet, it’s our resolve that determines the ultimate outcome. Life happens, but it doesn’t need to derail our dreams and aspirations.

Joni YoungwirthJoni Youngwirth
Managing Principal of Practice Management

Commonwealth Financial Network
Waltham, Mass.

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