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I recently returned from the T3 Conference, and through my conversations with attendees, I am reminded how advisers are still lagging in adopting technology when it comes to marketing. Whether we want to learn about technology solutions or not, as advisers we need to embrace technology if we desire to fine tune our processes, increase productivity, improve the prospect and client experience, and frankly just make life easier.

When it comes to technology and marketing, I most commonly hear questions about how to maintain and communicate with clients using the tools available. While the selection to help is abundant, you should have a baseline understanding of two basic solutions that support marketing.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management
“What CRM do you use?” is an often-asked question at industry events, as vendors swirl around advisers to attract them to their platforms. Yet, how many advisers actually use the CRM’s full functionality? Forget “full.” How many advisers use it for more than an elaborate rolodex or contact list?

These platforms offer you the ability to be smart in your communications with prospects and clients. You can trigger actions, keep up-to date profiles, track client goals, encourage client interaction and much more! If you aren’t’ sure how to use your CRM, call your rep and ask, “What else can I do with my system? What should I do first? How do I do that?”

Email Management/Marketing Tool
How do you send mass communications to your prospects or your clients? Are you still using Outlook and doing a bcc? An email management tool like MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact allows you to personalize and send to many people all at one time.  Plus, these low-cost providers make it extremely simple to present your information in a branded, more attractive format that is compatible for mobile devices. If you want to get fancy, you can set up an auto-responder when people join the list and have emails go out on your behalf to engage the person. Of course, the need for this solution assumes that you are communicating regularly with valuable information to your prospect and client list.

One consideration when it comes to which email management tool to use is the CRM you have. Does it provide this functionality for you, or can your CRM integrate (that is, talk and share data) with the tool you want to use?

Any solid marketing plan relies on your ability to keep track of the people who have interest in your service, communicate with them individually or en masse, and know when the right time is to reach out. You can do this any way you choose; let technology make it simpler.

Kristin Harad 2014Kristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

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