A New Year, A New You

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In business, as in life, we all have a set of belief systems that govern our actions. When was the last time you took an honest look at what belief systems might be holding you and your business back?

We are not born with belief systems—positive or negative; we develop our beliefs based on the interpretations of our experiences. We choose to view experiences as positive or negative, so what can we do to break through negative, limiting belief systems? 

Acknowledge Your Limiting Belief
You may not know what your limiting beliefs are unless you ask the right questions.

  • What is my biggest challenge with my business? Understanding your biggest challenge generates a starting point for determining what your limiting belief is.
  • The reason I have this challenge is … ? If you take a deeper look at the challenge you start to see the reason you have it.
  • What do I truly believe about this challenge? “My belief is that I don’t trust my administration team and back office to get everything done properly.” 

Now put the three questions together to create clarity about your limiting belief system: “Because I don’t have confidence in the administrative support in my office and back office, I spend too much time preparing paperwork and tracking transactions through the administrative maze.” 

Uncover the Pleasure
It’s odd to think that you are getting something pleasurable from your limiting belief, so let’s look at what this actually means:

  1. The best thing about my limiting belief is … ? The answer, for example, could be: “What I like about monitoring any transfer paperwork is that seeing things get done makes me feel better.”
  2. And because of this it makes me … ? This question focuses on the actions associated with this limiting belief. “As a result, I tend to work more on administrative tasks than on prospecting, presentations and portfolio reviews.”

Uncover the Pain
If you are not clear on the long-term pain associated with your limiting belief, you will not remedy it.

  1. If I continue having this limiting belief in one year I will …? “If I continue monitoring the administration team’s progress on my new client transfer paperwork, I will become stagnate at this level of production. In one year I will be resentful that my support staff is holding me back from greater success.”
  2. These feelings will only intensify with time, and in several years I will …? “In five years, I will leave the company or accept the limitation and not achieve my potential.”

Break Through Your Limiting Belief
Brainstorm all possible actions you can take to create new belief systems and experience different outcomes. For example: “I will talk with my branch manager, administrative team and staff to suggest the solution of having a progress worksheet that maps out each step of the new client transfer paperwork. Next, I will meet with administration only once a day to get an update on the progress. Then, I will record the daily progress. Finally, I will prospect each morning and be accountable to my branch manager so that he knows my pipeline is continuously full.

Once you take the steps mentioned here and break through any belief systems that are limiting you, you can create a new you this New Year.

For a copy of the Breaking Through Your Limiting Belief Exercise, email me.

Dan FinleyDaniel C. Finley (author of 101 Advisor Solutions)
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St. Paul, Minn.

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