7 Questions to Ask Your Clients

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Marketing advice commonly focuses on how to attract new leads. But what about the clients you already have? What do you do to keep them committed to their personal plan? How do you continue to emphasize the value you bring?

Sure, you may hold client events or implement other mass loyalty initiatives, but how do you keep clients engaged in their individual plans?

One simple yet powerful way to encourage a client’s participation in the financial planning process is to help a client prepare for their next meeting with you.

Consider a brief, insightful preparation worksheet that you send to your clients in advance of all meetings that follow delivery of their financial plan.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you feeling with your finances?
1 = I can’t sleep at night I am so worried. 10 = I feel fantastic; we have our next vacation planned and I know I will be able to relax without worry. Reinforce the benefit of working with you or open up a new planning opportunity. 

2. Since our last session, where have you experienced success? (Please list at least two items no matter how small). Set a positive tone and help your client appreciate their progress.

3. What decisions have you made since our last session and/or what funding priorities have you assigned? Direct the client to their financial plan and the choices they make. 

4. What new goals do you want to add to your financial plan? Allow the client to consider possibilities and look at ‘what’s next.’

5. Where are your stuck spots? What obstacles have you encountered? Give your clients the space to share their blockers. Often times, your value shines brightest when you can help your clients overcome these hurdles. 

6. What anticipated investments do you expect to make in the next six months (beyond ordinary expenses)? Minimize surprises, both for you and your client.

7. Have you have any special life happenings or situation changes since we last met? Let your client reflect upon the time between meetings and/or reveal any major shifts in their life in a safe space.   

Finally, you can use this preparation worksheet to set the expectation for follow through and regular meetings. Wrap up with space for “committed actions” and “date of our next session” to fill in at the end of the session, and you’ll boost your client engagement even more.

Kristin HaradKristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco, CA

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