How Coachable Are You?


I have been a business coach for nearly a decade, and I was a financial adviser with 13 years of experience in production, so I know both areas well. I also know that the financial services industry is similar to professional sports in that all coaches (advisers) and players (clients) want to win.

Part of winning at anything—whether a sport or building a business—is the ability to ask yourself, “How determined am I to achieve success?” If you are honest with yourself and truly want to succeed, you must also ask yourself, “How coachable am I?” The latter is such a vital question because even the most talented and gifted athletes cannot reach their peak without the right type of coaching. Some financial advisers are the same way.

How to Know if You Are Coachable
Several commonalities help define if an adviser is coachable. Typically, these commonalities reveal themselves in how you answer the following questions:

  1. Am I ready and willing to succeed?
  2. Do I know what I want my business to look like?
  3. Am I open to changing old habits to produce new results?
  4. Am I open to letting go of the fear of success?
  5. Do I believe in myself?

Although these questions are simplistic, the answers may reveal a lot about your willingness to succeed.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the questions and why they are important:

Am I Ready and Willing to Succeed?
Success rarely happens by accident. In fact, it starts by having the fortitude to want to succeed. The level of desire you have to move forward from your current situation toward your goals can make or break your outcomes. You can learn the tools, techniques, strategies and solutions to reach the next level in your business, but if you do not wish to work to get there, those methods are useless. Having a strong motivation for why you want to succeed will complement your desire to succeed.

Do I Know What I Want My Business to Look Like?
Goals are more likely to be accomplished when you have a clear picture of what you want the results to be. Having a strong reason for setting goals helps you to continue your pursuit of them.

Am I Open to Changing Old Habits?
If you are not willing to make changes in your business, then you are not ready to produce new results and find success. Remember, Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Am I Open to Letting Go of the Fear of Success?
Fear of success is rarely discussed but often experienced. If you cannot let go of your present situation, then you cannot grasp the future. You must hold yourself to accepting that you deserve success and not being afraid of anything that comes with it.

Do I Believe in Myself?
It has been said that whatever you can conceive and believe you will achieve. Sometimes simply believing in yourself carries you closer to your goals than you expect. Your attitude about yourself (and your business) are by far the most important step in creating the business you have always dreamed of.

Dan FinleyDaniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions
St. Paul, Minn.

2 thoughts on “How Coachable Are You?

  1. Daniel – Well said. I think being ready for success is on the strongest points you make here. It is so true. Coaches offer support, motivation, guidance, strategic insight, useful “I’ve been there” lessons, plans for move forward, accountability, tactical ideas and more, and to take advantage of this powerful relationship, an Advisor must be willing and ready to work to be successful. As much as we would all love it, there is no magic strategy that suddenly fixes everything.

  2. Kristin,

    Thank you for your comments!

    I have an acronym for working smart. S.M.A.R.T means systematically managing activities requires training. However, if you are not in a place to begin systematically managing your activities, then all the training in the world will not be effective because you are not ready to apply it.

    Also, I agree that there is no single magic strategy for fixing everything. Instead, there are several strategies to work smarter and when you combined several of them, that’s when the magic happens to your business!


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