10 Steps to Your Very Own Social Media Campaign


You’re ‘supposed’ to be on social media, yet the day-to-day commitment of frequent posts scares you away. Imagine spending time on social media only three times a year! When you apply a campaign strategy to your social media accounts you share a central theme dispersed across 20 to 30 social posts in a six- to eight-week timeframe. You plan and write your content in the week prior and then let technology do your work for you.

Sound intimidating? It is actually quite simple (and even fun).

Here’s how it works:

1. Decide which social media channels you want to use. Common ones for advisers are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+.

2. Select your social media management tool such as Hootsuite. This hub will deliver your posts for you and let you manage multiple social media accounts in one dashboard.

3. Establish your campaign’s central theme around which you will focus all of your posts. Use an overarching topic that will catch the attention of your audience and best leverage your knowledge and expertise. If you get stuck drafting content, you can always get yourself back on track by asking yourself if your content relates to your central theme.


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4. Aggregate all content you already have. Dust off and repurpose blog posts, articles, presentations or even educational nuggets from financial plans.

5. Brainstorm new ideas under the campaign theme. Jot down anything that comes to mind. Consider visuals you could share—images make a post more interesting (hint: snap photos with your smartphone or go to istockphoto.com to purchase inexpensive pics). You can also reference resources or articles on other sites that fit the topic.

6. Break down your content into mini steps, tips or lists. Order the materials in an easy-to-follow framework so your reader can enter the stream at any time and understand what you are sharing. If you’re using Twitter, you’ll need a 140-character version of your post (that can link to the longer version on Facebook). Keep in mind these are posts, so brevity is better.

7. Schedule your campaign on Hootsuite or the provider you chose in Step 2. Hootsuite offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to schedule ahead of time.

8. Send an email blast to your database right before your campaign launch to invite them to follow along on your social media accounts.

9. Focus on other parts of your practice or other marketing channels while your social media marketing campaign runs in the background.

10. Pay attention to feedback. You can track your “likes” on your Facebook page, “retweets” and comments on Twitter, and responses and connects on LinkedIn. Engage and respond when you can.

Social media marketing is a slow burn; it takes time to feel the results. But don’t be surprised if you are invited to speak at an organization’s event or submit a guest blog post as a result of your campaign. When you share educational content frequently in easy to digest bites, people notice!

Kristin HaradKristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers  
San Francisco, CA

3 thoughts on “10 Steps to Your Very Own Social Media Campaign

  1. Great job and solid advice!!!

  2. Hootsuite is great for using with an editorial schedule.

    And don’t be afraid to share links to off-site content — just because it isn’t original, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth sharing. Remember, you can even schedule shared content (individual posts) from FB or Twitter 🙂

    People will appreciate good information regardless of the source, and will actually remember you for your willingness to send people to sources other than your own website.

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