Your LinkedIn Profile Needs Help, Here’s How to Revamp It

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“The world is trying to fill in the blanks on you,” said Jason Seiden, CEO of Ajax Workforce Marketing, in his presentation Friday to attendees of FPA Business Solutions 2013. And LinkedIn is one of the first places prospective clients, employers and other centers of influence will go to do that. That’s why an effective LinkedIn profile is so important.

Seiden offered the following tips/thoughts for improving a LinkedIn profile.

Create a compelling headline. People spend a disproportionate time looking at your headline. Not the picture, the headline.

Context matters. Massive “eavesdropping” happens through social media. You need consistency between content and context.

Go with a photo that works. It doesn’t have to be a headshot, but it should convey: “You can trust me with your money.”

Revamp the summaries. The bad news? Most LinkedIn summaries are pretty awful (meaning yours probably is, too). The good news? An awful summary can be easy to fix:

  • Convey what you do
  • Tell me how you’re better
  • Tell me something personal

Turn off skills and recommendations. Make your compliance department and regulators happy.

Use the first person. It may be more difficult to write in the first-person voice (“I” instead of “he” or “she”), but it will force you to loosen up a little.

Carly SchulakaCarly Schulaka
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