Do You Know How to Read Your Gauges?


Financial advisers are entrusted with great responsibility—guiding our clients and prospects on their journey to obtain their long-term financial goals via our investment recommendations.

However, so much of our time is allocated to helping our clients, oftentimes we forget to take care of ourselves, personally and professionally.

To better illustrate this, think of a car. It’s equipped with plenty of ways to tell you if it is working properly by the gauges on the dashboard. Gauges do little to help you, though, if you do not understand what they mean. Similar are your own set of personal gauges. If you don’t understand the warning signs, you may find out too late that something is amiss. Many things could be considered potential warning signs; let’s look at just three of them.

Physical Gauges

When you find yourself exhausted or physically tense, it may be your body’s way of telling you that it’s time for some much needed rest and relaxation. The body has a natural way of giving you constant warning signals. Although we often only react to the signals that indicate acute pain, such as a sprained ankle or a stiff neck, your physical gauges may be sending you more warnings than you realize.

One way to better heed these warnings is to not dismiss any discomfort. Ask yourself if this fatigue, ache or pain seems to out of the blue, or if it is recurrent, then address it either way with appropriate attention, care or treatment (get more sleep, book a massage or schedule a doctor’s visit, or example).

Emotional Gauges

If you feel an increase in your anxiety, notice that you are overly defensive or even feeling depressed, your emotional gauges are definitely sending you signals. The cause of why you are feeling this way may be personal and/or business related, but whatever the reason you must gain some control over it.

Talk your concerns over with a trusted friend or family member or seek a professional opinion.

Relational Gauges

Financial services is a business of relationships, however, if you find you are avoiding clients rather than speaking with them, it is time to have a serious heart-to-heart with yourself on why this may be occurring. It may be that you are taking on too much, feel responsible for things that are out of your control, or that you are not working as efficiently (and thus effectively) as possible. If this is the case, it may be time to talk to a mentor or business coach who could offer you some insights and suggestions for finding your mojo again.

I hope you see the importance of knowing your own warning signals, because paying attention to them will assist you in gauging your success from an entirely new perspective.

If you wish to explore how to better read your personal gauges so you and your advisory practice work optimally, email me to set up a free consultation.

Dan FinleyDaniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions
St. Paul, Minn.

2 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Read Your Gauges?

  1. Great post I must say, well honestly speaking I usually avoid these mini physical gauges which later brought me some immense issues, but after some shocks now I am on the right track 🙂

  2. Johnny,

    Thanks for the response.

    I’m glad to hear that you are now watching your mini physical gauges and that you are on the right track! I’m sure it will lead you to the right destination.

    Dan Finley

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