The 4 “P’s” of Marketing Goal Setting


A fresh start.  A new beginning. That’s what every New Year brings if you let it, and this year I want you to feel the relief and confidence that comes from crystal-clear 2013 marketing goals.

Goal setting can carry the unfortunate side effect of overwhelm, so I created this 4-P methodology to make the process easier. Designed to help you overcome the inertia many advisors face with marketing, this methodology carries you beyond simply stating your goals and into how to actually implement.

Let’s get started!

The 4-P Marketing Goal Setting Methodology:

1.  PRAISE:  Acknowledge your key achievements from 2012.  List your goal accomplishments, big or small, that you are proud of from the past year.   While easy to skip, this pause to recognize your success inspires, energizes, and frames a ‘can-do’ attitude for the new year.

2.  PROCLAIM:  Brainstorm all marketing possibilities.  All about volume, this step captures any effort you want to consider for 2013.  While most advisors think about acquisition or lead generation, expand and consider all areas of an advisor’s marketing plan:  Branding, Service Offerings, Relationship Marketing, Loyalty, Content Marketing, and Partnerships.  Don’t forget goals for the intangibles like attitude, habits, productivity, and team support.

Examples you may consider:

  • Build a lead list with at least 50 new names
  • Launch a Facebook fan page and inspire 75 likes
  • Create a new logo and launch across all touchpoints
  • Hire a part-time marketing assistant to implement email campaigns and social media efforts
  • Launch a “freemium” on my web site with automated follow-up communication system (see blogpost, Are You Losing $100,000 a Year?).
  • Record a video biography
  • Change my attitude: Start each work day with, “How can I market successfully today?”
  • Select one strategic partner to co-present 3 seminars (see blogpost, Don’t Waste Your Time with Partnerships).
  • Watch one marketing training video per week (and/or attend two webinars per month).

3.  PRIORITIZE:  Which efforts are non-negotiable, must-do efforts for the year?  Assign an “A” to up to 10 goals that fit this category. These goals will receive the highest priority for your time, money, and energy.   “B” goals become the next tier – those which are important, but flexible when it comes to directing resources their way.  Finally, any other ideas you want to keep receive a “C.”  These goals hold the lowest priority, but would still be nice to accomplish.

4.  PROCEED:  Create an action plan for each of your “A” Goals.  Spell out deliverables, owners, and due dates.  Add these initiatives to your calendar.

Be sure to secure the Resources such as team members, outsourced staff, and/or technology solutions.

Finally, check in formally on your progress.   Are your A Goals receiving the most attention?  Are you on track for your revenue goals?  Do you need to dial up your marketing to reach your targets?

December is quickly coming to a close.  Make sure you get your 2013 marketing goals set by the end of the year.

Thank you for your support this year.  I look forward to sharing more tips in 2013.  Please submit any marketing topics you want addressed in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear from you!  

Kristin HaradKristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

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  1. Nice list to get us started, Kristin. It’s definitely the time of year to start thinking of 2013 resolutions. 🙂 Thanks.

    Unfortunately, I missed your webinar due to another commitment.

  2. Thanks for the Cliff Notes version of a great marketing plan. Time to customize and implement for 2012.

  3. very good

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