The Only 5 Things You Need on Your Website

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Do you do what I do when I plan for Thanksgiving ‘vacation?’ I have lofty ambitions of completing my long list of ideas that have been on hold until “I have time.” Without setting realistic expectations, you may experience the same result I used to before I went with the mantra: focus and finish first. Zero in on one project, and complete it. Then you can move down your list if you have time and muster the energy to do so.  

My recommendation for one project to complete during your downtime this holiday season is to review your website through the eyes of the your ideal client. Ask yourself, “Is the focus on me/us, or on the person with whom I want to engage?” Too often when I evaluate advisers’ websites, the story is all “About Us” right from the first word.

To make your review simple, I’ve outlined what I truly believe are the only five things you really need* on your practice’s website—along with the question a prospect should be able to answer (*note: This is from a marketing perspective. Check with compliance for anything else you must include.)

1)    Clear Distinction of Your Target Audience
Word choice, images and offerings all serve to clarify the client you want walking in your door. (“Am I in the right place?”)

2)    List-Building Mechanism
Offer free information in exchange for a name and email address. Your freemium kicks off your relationship marketing system. (“How can I get to know you?”)

3)    The Ability to Request a Consult
Include a phone number visible at the top of each page and a form that prospects can fill out to request and maybe even schedule a consult right then and there. (“How can I start right now?”)

4)    A Biography that is Relatable
Lead with why you are passionate about the audience you serve and the work you do. Share at a personal level before you list your credentials. Consider a video greeting or be sure to have a warm, welcoming photo in an environment that matches the style you want to portray. (“Do I trust you, like you, think you care and have expertise I need?”)

5)    Clear Services that are Easy to Understand
Bundle your offerings where possible. Title and explain your packages. Use flowcharts and visuals to bring your process to life. (“What’s available, how does this work, and where do I fit in?”)

When you streamline your focus to the basic questions that a prospect asks, you have a far more effective communication tool. The bottom line is: trim the fat on your website

Consider the same when you go back for your third slice of pumpkin pie, too. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Kristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

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