You’ll Never Believe What You Can Get for 5 Bucks

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Every once in a while, my 88-year-old father likes to mail me a 5-dollar bill and tell me to treat myself to a sandwich. I don’t have the heart to tell them that $5 won’t even cover that at most places anymore, at least in San Francisco. I was pretty amazed to discover a place where thousands of people will do some incredible things for just 5 bucks.

Fiverr is a website completely dedicated to tasks that people will do for just $5. The gigs (in Fiverr parlance) range from incredibly useful to incredibly wacky. Browsing the site for gigs is easy and even fun, and you can purchase, pay for and manage your gig directly through the website.

So what are some useful tasks you can cross off your to-do list for just $5?

Look Great
Spruce up your big presentation with custom illustrations from a talented designer, then hire a PowerPoint whiz to expertly animate your slides. You’ll also find great resources for designing a new business card, creating professional-quality handouts or updating your website.

Master Excel
Fiverr seems to be teaming with Excel experts who may help save hours of your time for just a $5 investment. Get help troubleshooting clunky formulas or have a macro or template written to reduce repetitive tasks. You can also get help with data entry, sophisticated formatting and creating charts that clearly communicate a vital concept.

Get Discovered
Search engine optimization is one of the largest categories on Fiverr, with thousands of gigs offering link building, content creation and more. SEO novices should tread carefully here, though, as the quality can vary quite widely and low-quality work can sometimes do more harm than good.

Sound Professional
Tap talented, professional voice-over actors to record your voicemail greeting or provide an introduction to a video. Have a mellifluous voice set the tone for your next interaction.  

Virtual Assistance
Having a mundane task completed virtually for just $5 is one way to better leverage your own time. Get more done while dazzling your clients by hiring someone to send thank-you emails, schedule follow-up meetings or complete online research.

Improve Your Writing
Working hard on a presentation for a big potential new client? Avoid losing out with a simple little mistake by having it reviewed by a professional proofreader. Fiverr is also teaming with talented writers and editors who can help you create great content for your website or punch up your sales copy.

Five bucks certainly isn’t much to spend for these types of tasks, and sometimes the work you get isn’t even worth what you paid for it. But with a little testing, a few 5-dollar bills can help you discover some incredibly talented people who will help you grow your business.

Kristin Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

One thought on “You’ll Never Believe What You Can Get for 5 Bucks

  1. I’ve used Fiverr on a couple of occasions and have been pleased with the results. I’ve used them for a couple of Excel projects as well as some design work for formatting an eBook.

    I can absolutely echo Kristin’s article – Fiverr has been a great resource to get some things off my plate and allow me to focus on what I do best (and what I get paid for) – delivering advice to clients.

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