Writing Your Own Success Story

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After listening to other financial advisers’ success stories, you might find yourself asking, “How can I find a greater level of success? What would it take for my business to reach the next level?” or perhaps, “How do I take the information I have learned and best implement it?”

The first step in your journey toward success begins with admitting that you have challenges. Without understanding that all advisers face challenges, you are doomed to repeat your challenges time and again. Admitting you have a challenge and actually knowing what the challenge is can be two entirely different things. That is why it is very important for you to be completely honest with yourself and ask:

“What is your No. 1 challenge? What is holding you back from having a successful advisory practice? If you could get past your challenge(s), how would it affect your business?”

ID Your No. 1 Challenge
Here is an easy way to figure out what your No. 1 challenge may be: which one of the success stories you have heard or read about did you relate to most and why?

You may have your answer immediately or you may need to give it some thought. Once you have your answer, you more than likely have what challenge you are struggling most with.

Customize Tools and Techniques
Your journey toward finding success begins with knowing what to do to begin conquering your challenge(s). Action plays a vital role, so do some research to find appropriate tools and techniques you have heard others utilizing then customize them to fit your needs and apply them consistently. Evaluate your progress weekly and make tweaks to yours system for optimum results. This process will create the forward momentum necessary to reach your goals.

Keep Up the Pace
The third step in your journey will be to continue the pace. The only way to do this is to be accountable for your actions. To help you identify an “accountability partner” simply ask yourself, “Who would I most like to share my successes with and would that person also be someone I would not want to let down by admitting my failures?” Who came to mind? Was it your spouse, a parent, a colleague, friend or business coach?

You’ll encounter road blocks and speed bumps but also many milestones along the way. However, the driving motivation should be your and your business’s ultimate success. When you find that success, share your story. You never know, you may be the catalyst for someone else to decide to take steps in their journey to writing their own success story.

If you need additional help in finding tools, techniques or solutions in your journey, email me at dan@advisorsolutionsinc.com requesting the white paper “The Next Level: The 10 Most Effective Solutions for Your Business” or schedule a complimentary coaching session.

Daniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions
St. Paul, Minn.

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