The Dog Days of Marketing: 5 free or low-cost marketing ideas

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Inertia is the biggest hurdle financial advisers face when it comes to marketing. Couple inertia with the lazy days of summer, and marketing may slip completely off your daily to-do list. Don’t let it! 

Effective marketing requires consistent effort. No single initiative changes your business (usually), so you have to keep trying new channels and endeavors to establish your presence. These efforts do not have to cost a fortune or consume all of your time. In fact, here are five free or low-cost marketing initiatives you can implement this week.

1. Set Up Your Yelp! Profile
People are looking you up on Yelp whether you’ve created a profile or not. Even (or especially) if you don’t have any reviews, make sure your practice is presented in the way you want it to be. Update your business information, write a thorough description and add photos. (Although I have no reviews on Yelp, my latest consultation found my Yelp profile, and she was an exact match to what I look for in a client).    

2.  Promote your Freemium on Facebook
Do you have a free report, a newsletter or a ebook available on your site? Don’t be afraid to encourage your Facebook friends/fans to check it out. Want to drive even more qualified prospects to your freemium? Test out a highly targeted advertising campaign on Facebook for as little as $100.

3.  Check-in With Your Prospects From January
Give them a call to see how things have progressed. If they wound up working with a different adviser, get curious. Politely find out what swayed them. Simply reconnecting with prospects you’ve lost touch with can be a great way to win new business—no selling required. Remember, most times, prospects face inertia too. They just need a reminder. 

4.  Seek Out a Strategic Marketing Partner
The dog days of summer are a great time of year to take a more leisurely lunch. Make your midday break count by reaching out to potential partners with whom you’d like to work more closely. Set three lunch dates with professionals who work with the same audience you target.       

5.  Lock in Long-term Opportunities Now
Even small, local organizations tend to schedule speaking engagements many months in advance. Cultivate a list of organizations where you’d like to present and contact them now about presenting toward year-end or even in 2013. Write highly targeted, pithy and compelling presentation summaries and be sure to follow up with a phone call next week.

Business may slow down a bit in the second half of summer, but your marketing efforts don’t have to!

Kristin C. Harad, CFP®
Marketing trainer for advisers
San Francisco

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  1. Yelp always raises the issue of testimonials and how we as advisors are not allowed to have them. Yes, this is true for your marketing. Compliance will shoot you down every time on a testimonial. However, yelp is an independent third party site that users can go and say what they want about you, no matter what compliance allows. Anyone who has had an experience with you can talk about it there. When I suggest that you claim and customize your yelp page, it is so people who are seeking advisors can find you. It is not about collecting reviews or testimonials. People use yelp for search as well as reviews. And, if people are going to talk about you, make sure your page is as you want it instead of how it may accidentally present itself.

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