3 Video Marketing Myths Busted!


At the FPA Business Solutions conference this year, I attended all of the presentations about video marketing. As an avid video user myself, I like to stay current on the latest trends. However, I have to admit, if I had never used video before, I would probably have been scared away. I could feel the intimidation of the attendees cloud the room after I heard what I consider three myths of using video:

Video Is Expensive
You can figure on “$1,000 per produced minute.”  You can spend that much if you want to, but I do not recommend it for your maiden voyage (or almost any voyage). I have interviewed multiple professional videographers who will film you in-studio or at your office for anywhere from $50–$300 for a two-minute video and do the post-production. If you’re recording multiple videos, you can bundle these together and receive a lower cost per video. I located these videographers from a combination of reviewing yelp, looking on craigslist, Google searches and recommendations from professionals who have videos I like.

Video Must Be Professional
Fancy effects, actors and polished scripts all work well for Hollywood, but you’re not trying to win an Oscar. You want to attract in your ideal clients and appeal to a certain segment of the population. While the uber-wealthy or richest CEOs may expect a polished, perfect execution in video, most of your potential clients want to know who you really are. Especially if you are independent or work in a smaller firm, you can actually make yourself stand out among the crowd with an honest, approachable video that speaks directly to the needs and emotions of your audience. Polish it up too much and you will intimidate. In fact, the most effective videos can be you simply having an open conversation through a web cam recording. (Note: You do need to have clear sound. People get frustrated when they cannot hear you well).

Video Is Hard To Do
Yes, the first video you do will take hours longer than you ever imagined, and it can be frustrating. You may get hung up on what camera to use, how to sit down fast enough after you hit record, or what to do when you’re done recording. However, with a little practice, you can soon record and post quickly.

Luckily, technology is making this process simpler, not more complicated. Here is a video I did in less than one hour with my handy-dandy iPhone, a stack of books, a Radio Shack $15 microphone and a few takes to get the message right.  http://www.newparentfinances.com/thanks_report.php. Yes, it could benefit from better lighting; however, it is complete, on brand and communicating daily with leads. All I had to do was click “post to YouTube” after I was done and put the link on the html page of my web site. If you use WordPress, putting a video in can be even simpler.

Tip: One reason to hire a professional is good lighting. The correct light can make an average video look spectacular!

Video does not have to be a costly or complicated endeavor to be effective. What’s more important is to give it a try and see what you think. See what your prospects think. If you want to upgrade the quality after you do a few less expensive videos, then do so. There is a time and place for investing in a professional videographer, but rather than waiting to get your video recording perfectly planned and produced, hit record and start already!

Kristin Harad, CFP®
Next 10 Clients
San Francisco

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  1. Time to get recording eh Kristin? Thanks for the good tips, and myth busting!

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