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All this talk about blogging, writing articles or emailing your list may leave you speechless. Perhaps you don’t fancy yourself a writer or did not really expect that becoming a financial adviser meant that you had to become an author or journalist, too. Well, don’t dismay. You can implement the powerful marketing strategy of creating and sharing content; you just need to use a different approach. 

Imagine if a prospect asked you a question about insurance or investments or what to consider before retirement. I am confident you could rattle off a coherent, valuable, insightful answer about how that part of the planning process would benefit them. You would be specific. You would address their concerns. You would have emotion and empathy. You would inspire. You have done it many times in consultations.

How can you apply this skill and turn your knowledge into powerful content that helps you in your marketing endeavors? Hit “record.”

One often overlooked content marketing technique is speaking your content. Here are a few easy methods for those of you who prefer to say the word instead of write it:

1. Hold a teleseminar for prospective (and current) clients. Use a provider like, where you can easily record what you are teaching and share the MP3 with a click of a button. Don’t have a list to prospect to yet, or no one shows up to your call? Record anyway! You can offer the file as a “freemium” on your home page. Simply ask for first name, last name and email address, and send them the link to the file. Voila! Prospective clients get to know you, you build your list with more qualified leads, and you do not have to keep repeating yourself. 

2. Record your next speech or seminar and have the file transcribed. Use a service like and turn your voice into an ebook, a free report or a series of emails that you share with your database. Or consider breaking down the content into two or three guest blog posts and share them with bloggers who target your audience.

3. Create an audio program on CD. Yikes, compliance issues pop up in your mind, I am sure, but listen up! Information recorded on CDs serves as tangible tools for you to spread your message and educate your prospective clients (yes, people still play CDs). You benefit because you leverage your time and energy while creating a high- value item that a prospect can literally hold in her hands. With CD production done on demand these days, you do not have to fill the spare office with your inventory and hope you sell it. Use a service like, and you’ll have your latest thoughts on CD ready to send. What a perfect client mailing to surprise and delight or special training that you give away at a target audience-focused tradeshow.

If you find speaking easier than writing, then put down the pen and pick up a microphone. You can create content, too.


Kristin Harad, CFP®
Next 10 Clients
San Francisco

2 thoughts on “Say the Word: Speech as Content

  1. Love the thought Kristin. I might just have to start recording something, instead of trying to type it up all the time (my blog posts seem to have droughts between them). Thanks heaps!

  2. I love these ideas, I think they are so fresh and useful for today’s hectic life and world. Thank you!

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