3 Things You Need to Know About Network Storage and Data Backup

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Although I have discussed network area storgage  (NAS) devices for the small- to mid-sized offices, there have been many chances in the market, so I felt an update was in order.

First, there are many “home” versions that have been introduced into the market that are extremely inexpensive. They are great for saving pictures and videos, but not for daily use in an office. The main difference is the ability to backup and restore. Many of the business-class NAS devices come with two or four drives, so one is an automated backup. If a drive goes bad, just replace and the system will update itself.

Second, some NAS manufacturers are offering wireless drives. This is a great idea as one of the NAS devices can sit at your home and wirelessly perform backups. But be a little careful because this is a fairly new concept and it may not be that great. I would wait a year or so to let the manufacturers perfect the concept.

Lastly, many NAS devices are not offering backup to the cloud. A great idea, but I would suggest the other way around. Use the cloud and backup to your NAS. Why? Well, you always want quick access to your backup. If it is in a cloud somewhere, it may take some time to recover as well as the knowledge base to perform the recovery. 

Ash Bhatnagar, CFP®
RIA Independence Co.
Princeton, N.J.

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