Tips for Living a Virtually Stress-Free Life

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I believe everyone has the freedom to set up their life just the way they want it—the question is, will you take the responsibility to do the work to get there?

And, trust me, it is work. Since 1981 I’ve spent thousands of dollars on books, audio programs, personal development workshops, professional training and one-on-one coaching while investing thousands of hours to get my life to the virtually stress-free place it is today. Most stress in our lives is self-induced by inadvertently allowing life to program us, instead of vice versa. I believe most people are stressed out because they haven’t taken conscious control of the way they want things to go.

Here is some of the “work” I recommend to begin the process of getting yourself stress-free:

Develop Your Own Mission Statement
Most people never take this first step to become inner-directed; most don’t know that it’s even a possibility. Let me rephrase a famous quote: “If you don’t define your mission in life, you’ll be working for someone who has.” And that describes about 98 percent of all people. Have you created your mission statement?

Set Goals
The late Earl Nightingale said it best: “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going—it’s as simple as that.” The vast majority of people spend more time planning their vacations than their lives. Once you’ve defined your mission, set your goals—the benchmarks of what you’ll need to accomplish, by what date, to fulfill your mission. Are your specific, measurable goals written down?

Manage Your Time
Once you’ve set your goals, sit down and schedule the activities you need to engage in to fulfill your goals. I recommend you do this on the weekend. I call this the most important appointment of the week, because you’re setting up the coming week for success. Are you taking time to schedule yourself?

Visualize the Outcomes
Be like a great athlete. Use mental rehearsal to visualize the outcomes you want before they happen. Can you clearly picture your successful outcomes, and do you practice this daily?

Be Assertive
Because they know where they’re headed, inner-directed people are skilled at making clear requests for what they want. They will also persist in asking, as they know they’ll often need to make numerous requests to get results. And they don’t worry about getting turned down; they are unconcerned with others’ approval. They live by the acronym SW4, “Some will, some won’t, so what? Someone’s waiting.” Are you good at asking for what you want?

Take Care of Yourself
I heard a quote once that really grabbed me: “You can only take care of others to the degree that you first take care of yourself.” How are your eating habits? Are you exercising regularly? Getting enough sleep?

Have Fun
All work and no play make you a burnout candidate. You’ve got to have outlets, ways to blow off steam, otherwise, what’s the point? What are you doing for fun?

Most people drift downstream to the prevailing current; they figure it’s the best they can do. I’m suggesting you learn to swim upstream. I hope these words inspire you to begin to get free, then stay free.

Jim Rohrbach, Success Skills Coach

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  1. Jim, Thank you for an inspiring post. I 100% concur and appreciate the “grounding.” Freedom is my highest personal value. I check in with myself sometimes numerous times a day to make sure I am CREATING and operating at choice rather than letting things happen TO me. I appreciate your break down of the “work” as it’s the right time of year to start the process especially if you’re looking to start 2012 already swimming (upstream) strong! Thanks again.

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