4 Strategies for a Strong Fall Finish

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As the summer season quickly slips into fall, you may be wondering what’s next in our industry? What do the ever-changing market, the volatile economy and anxious clients have in store for you and your business for the remainder of the year?

The truth is, these external events don’t matter as much to your ultimate success as the internal ones—your attitude, determination and desire. At this point in the year you should be evaluating where your business is and ask yourself: Am I on target to hit my yearly goals, or do I need to make course corrections to have a strong fall finish before the holiday season begins?

Here are four fall strategies to help you get back on track or motivate you to hold onto your momentum:

Dust Off the Business Plan
If you haven’t looked at your business plan since earlier this year, it is time to dust it off and review it. Many advisers can admit that their optimism at the start of a new year has unfortunately turned into a very different reality by fall. However, it is much better to determine what you wanted in the first place in order to help you increase the probability of getting it before the year runs out. In other words, there is a reason why you created your original plan. Now is the time to find out what you can do to follow through with it.            

Get Your Business Bearings
Once you understand what your initial goals were and why you wanted to reach them, it is time to get your business bearings. Maybe you are closer to meeting your goals then you think. One adviser client of mine realized that by having just a few more appointments each week, it was very possible for him to hit his yearly goals. When I asked how he felt after this realization, he said, “I’m glad I got over my fear of finding out how bad I thought things were to realize how great I actually have it.”

Create Your Business Course Correction
Creating business course corrections can be as simple as determining that you need one, two or three additional appointments each week. Or maybe it is setting a goal of gathering an additional X number of assets from your client base. The point is, once you determine what your business goals were and make the determination of where you are now, compartmentalize your goals down so that they are manageable and then move forward with action.

Stay the Course
Keep doing the activities you have mapped out in your plan consistently and remember to reward yourself to boost your motivation.

For a more complete white paper on creating your business course corrections, simply email me at dan@advisorsolutionsinc.com. I would be happy to send it to you.

Daniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions Inc.
St. Paul, Minn.

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