4 Steps to Attract Readers to Your Blog


One of the most fundamental aspects of establishing a blog is the ability to consistently create excellent content that attracts clients and prospects back to your blog.

Contributing on a monthly basis to two practice management blogs has helped me understand that ‘excellent content’ means something different on every blog. Ergo, I am far from making the claim that this post will be a definitive guide to writing superior blog content.

However, here I would like to offer four easy steps you can implement to increase the odds of attracting readers to your blog to help promote your expertise, build credibility, establish brand recognition, and, ultimately, grow your business.

1. Grab Their Attention—According to Wikipedia, as of February 2011, there are 156 million blogs in existence. Indeed, a very crowded space where grabbing readers’ attention has become a real challenge. Selecting a good title for your blog is crucial. Consequently, treat the title as an “advertisement” of your expertise. Make sure it is engaging, attention-grabbing and positions your knowledge and contribution above the noise that deafens the blog world. Keep the title short (less than 40 characters if possible) to ensure it will easily be picked by search engines and also pop up in search results. Titles are of utmost importance in SEO, so make sure the title you select includes relevant keywords.

2. Make Content Unique—The most compelling reason for your clients and prospects to read your blog is that they value your expertise and, most importantly, view you as the financial planner who can lessen their pains—especially during times of market instability. They are attracted to your posts not just for the insights and solutions you can offer, but because your content is unique. If you implement or mimic the same language your competitors use, you do not have to engage in a major mental effort to understand that you’ll inevitably be overlooked.

3. Be Scanner FriendlyWall Street Journal’s Rachel Emma Silverman wrote that “people simply don’t read as much anymore” and that Borders Books’ bankruptcy was a consequence of this trend. This is particularly true in the case of online content, which readers scan rather than read. Here are a couple of tips that will make your posts easy to scan:

  • Use italics, bold, UPPER CASE, underlining and different colors to highlight key words and concepts
  • Craft short paragraphs and space them so that your post does not look dense and intimidate readers
  • State your key points upfront to engage the reader. Do not relegate them at the end of your post, increasing the odds that they will not be read.

4. The Power of Images—Provide something visual that will reinforce the ideas and points stated in your blog. You do not have to use images for every single post. However, including a few select images will invite readers to read further, extend the time they spend on your blog and increase the chances they’ll visit your web page. Remember: images have a greater power than words in your communication, do not be afraid to use them.

Claudio Pannunzio
i-Impact Group Inc.
Greenwich, Conn.

3 thoughts on “4 Steps to Attract Readers to Your Blog

  1. Many advisers continue to be deficient in client communications. It is hard to do your job and keep people informed. That’s why a blog (and other social media tools) makes so much sense. A blog is a great way to stay in touch with large numbers of people at once. I know one advisor-planner who dictates blog articles in his car on the way home from work, using simple transcription technology. Along with providing insight into planning — never investment advise — it’s important to let a little out about yourself. People will get to know you over time.

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  3. I would like an a advice on how to get unique content? that is the hardest thing to find. I would appreciate the advice

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