What Is the Future of Business in a Connected World?

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Gerd Leonhard

If you’re heading to Boston next week to attend FPA Business Solutions 2011, you’re in for a treat. Opening general session speaker Gerd Leonhard will take a hard look at the future of business in a connected world, providing important foresights, sharing mega-trends and offering his ideas on how you can get ready for the future and benefit from the technological changes that are coming.

Leonhard is a world-renowned media futurist and serves as CEO of TheFuturesAgency, a consortium of forward-thinking individuals that helps companies and individuals better understand the impending changes of the next three to five years. He’s a leading expert on social media, mobile content and m-commerce—that’s right, m-commerce, which takes e-commerce to the next level, conducting business specifically using mobile devices.

And Leonhard walks the talk. He’s encouraging attendees to interact with him on Twitter to help prepare for his general session. If you’ve got a question for him, tweet it in advance to @gleonhard. You can also tweet questions live during his session at 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 3.

In previous presentations, (check out his slideshow on the future of business and a video of his presentation at the 2010 Google Insight event) Leonhard has said how connectivity, plus mobile, plus social is creating a pivot point similar to that of the printing press. He has also said that future leaders are connectors, not just directors. So if you’ve been resisting, it’s time to embrace the connected world and use technology to increase business efficiencies and even enhance your relationships. Learn how at FPA Business Solutions 2011.

See you in Boston on the 3rd.

Carly Schulaka
Managing Editor
Practice Management Solutions
Financial Planning Association
Denver, CO

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