Video Messaging: An Effective and Innovative Client Communication Tool


One of the chief reasons for losing clients and not expanding your client base is poor communication. There is no substitute for a proactive and ongoing client communication effort to increase your odds of getting more business and earning referrals. However, increasingly busy schedules significantly impair our ability to connect with our clients as often and as effectively as we would like. The most viable and innovative solution to this problem is video messaging. This is an effective tool that enables advisers to add a personal touch to their client relationships, build both their brand and trust, improve client retention, increase referral flow, and, ultimately, free time that they can utilize to focus on their core business.

Several studies have confirmed that currently half of the U.S. adult population actively uses the Internet to view and/or download videos. Images are rapidly playing a new role in the way we communicate and are increasingly overtaking the written word. This enables us to be in front of our key audiences at any time and under any circumstances.

Think about all the negative media coverage advisers and money managers have received for not having been able to effectively communicate with their clients during the recent financial markets’ meltdown. At that time, as markets were reaching new historical lows, virtually every client of yours would have appreciated having an immediate in-person meeting or phone call to hear from you a reassuring explanation of what was going on. For many of you, this was virtually impossible, due to the sheer number of clients you have or their geographical location.

Video messages will help you avoid the same quagmire again. You can use video messages for a variety of reasons: providing your clients with timely market updates; commenting on financial breaking news; announcing the launch of new products or services; delivering a thank-you note; sending your wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.; announcing special events you organize; and introducing a new referral to your practice and its services.

There are different ways to produce and deliver your video message. You can create your own video and upload it on your YouTube page—if you have a presence there. Then, you can direct your clients to that page or deliver your video directly to them embedded in an email message. There are also companies out there that can help you create and convey the video to your clients and help you get them through the compliance process.

Remember, when it comes to images—just like a TV interview— you must learn to talk in sound bites. Create a script using concise, crisp and clear language and stay with the key message you intend to convey. A 90-second video is a long clip when you are on the receiving end of it!

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Claudio Pannunzio
i-Impact Group Inc.
Greenwich, Conn.

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