Human Resources for the New Year

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Making a short list to of HR issues to review in the new year can save a lot of time and stress for you and your employees.

Retaining your most-valued employees

  • Take some time to talk with your most-valued employees and find out what they would value in the new year.
  • Having conversations with employees about pay raises and compensation ranges, especially if there has been compensation freezes and benefit cost increases.

Classify your employees correctly

Look at your benefits programs

  • Review your insurance and enrollment options.
  • Take a look at your time-off policies.  Discuss other possible time-off options with your employees.
  • Check your retirement plan eligibility criteria and communicate to employees.

Having ways to work with stressed-out workers

  • Get feedback from employees on how they view the last year.
  • Explore possible reasons for employee performance changes.

Privacy issues – use of background and credit checks;  looking at personal emails, messages, etc. on company-provided/owned equipment

  • Check with an expert on the search approval process, what you should be searching on, and what avenues you are using to gain information.
  • Have policies that alert employees that all use of company equipment is subject to review.

Having a social media policy that could promote your firm and employees in a positive manner .

  • Look at how social media can broadcast the positive of the company, knowledge and people.  The policy does not have to be absolutely restrictive.
  • This is an excellent time to educate employees on how accessible all of their work is.

Looking at company policies.

  • Sample content of  a thorough policy package includes:  Introduction (purpose, employment philosophy, open door communication); Equal Opportunity Employment & Americans With Disabilities Statements; Categories of employment; Recording Time;  where job duties are recorded and when performance appraisals are held; Employee Benefits; Leave of Absence (and when returning from leave); Care of Equipment; Electronic Communications policies (when to use cell phones, especially traveling on business), Social Media policies; Dress Code; Workplace Harassment, Violence and Safety; Code of Conduct; Adverse Weather Conditions.

Re-examine State and Local laws – don’t forget to update workplace posters

This article is for informative purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.  You need to consult your experts, such as human resource consultant, attorney, to be aware of federal, local and state regulations.

Mary Dunlap, CFP®
Mary Dunlap Consulting
Pottstown, Pa.


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