Details Speak: What Do They Say About You?

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“Everything speaks.” This idea is a key theme in the training that Disney World employees receive. By attending to every detail—from cleaning gum off the sidewalks to providing entertainment while people stand in line for rides, the theme park strives to create an outstanding experience for its guests.

Are you doing the same for your clients? As an adviser, you likely pride yourself on the quality of the relationships you have with clients. You’re attentive to their objectives and carefully craft their financial plans to help them achieve their goals. You may integrate your work with that of clients’ other professionals, including accountants and attorneys.

But when they come to your office, clients notice more than your expertise in handling their financial matters. What may seem like insignificant details can have a surprising impact on their overall experience. Below are two examples of the kinds of details that can influence how clients view your firm.

GPS: Location, Location, Location

As more and more people rely on GPS devices to get around, be sure that clients can locate your office using the address on your firm’s website and other collateral. Sometimes, a firm’s mailing address and GPS address are not the same, especially if the office is in a landmark high-rise or a historic building. If that’s the case, add your GPS address to your website and other materials so that clients have no trouble finding you.

Keeping an Eye on Clients’ Eyes

The youngest baby boomers are now 46, an age when eyesight commonly declines, even if the individual hasn’t had vision problems in the past. The energy you devote to creating accurate charts and graphs won’t do you any good if clients can’t read them. Why not invest in a few pairs of reading glasses to help your clients see the fine print? Eyeglasses in various strengths can be purchased at the drugstore for about $15 per pair. Having reading glasses on hand for clients to borrow if they forget theirs is a small touch that can mean a lot.

Every Detail Counts!

Clients notice hundreds of details when they visit your office. Think about the little extras that will elevate their experience from great to outstanding, and be sure to make adjustments as times and technology change.

What are some of the details that you consider critical to your firm’s success?

Joni Youngwirth
Managing Principle of Practice Management
Commonwealth Financial Network®
Waltham, Mass.

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