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I am excited to announce the launch of a new community called The site is designed for financial professionals to discuss social media issues, best practices and news.

Social media has so much to offer the financial services industry, yet education, awareness and questions are holding it back. Our hope is that by bringing together industry experts, passionate users and those standing on the sidelines we can help advisers who are considering the adoption of social media for their practice.

I am a member of the SocialTurns Council, which is made up of compliance, marketing, technology and financial services professionals who are here to help. You can find the bios of the entire Council at the link above.

In the last few weeks we’ve invited users to sign-up for a preview, and the reaction has been tremendous. To date we’ve had almost 500 users join SocialTurns from 13 different countries, and the discussions are off and running, ranging from enterprise social media adoption, to FourSquare, to employee guidelines.

We invite marketing, technology, compliance and financial services professionals to join the conversation. As you navigate the social media waters, this community is here to help you make the right turns to get the most out of social media for your brand, your employees and your customers.

See you on SocialTurns.

Christina Nelson
Senior Editor
Financial Planning Association
Practice Management Center

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