We’re a Favorite Place on Google, Are You?

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A few months ago I received a large envelope from Google. As an avid fan of many Google products, I was curious what Google would send me. Was I being thanked for my enthusiastic support of all things Google? We’ll I was right … sort of. As I opened the envelope, out fell a large window sticker, which read, “We’re A Favorite Place On Google.”

As I read the accompanying letter I learned I was receiving this window sticker because a number of people had looked at my business profile in the local search results.  

Google allows small businesses to create what’s called a local business profile. In the profile you can provide contact information, website address, hours of operation and much more. Local business profiles will often show up on search results pages.

The Google sticker includes a barcode that, when someone takes a picture of it with a cell phone, takes them to the associated Google local business page.  

The local business listing is free and a great way to connect with people who live and work near your business. Create your local business listing today.

Here is a brief, simple demo of the new technology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuVSpG-ZdkU

Jonathan Stoddard
KTG Inc.
Denver, Colo.

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