Growing Your Business Through Collaboration With Allied Professionals

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Jonathan A. Mintz, J.D., chief executive officer of WealthCounsel and The Advisors Forum, presented at FPA’s Business Solutions Conference in Dallas this morning on how to work with allied professionals to grow your business. In addition to the session handout linked to here, we’ll transpose his six-step action plan below:

  1. I.D. the top 20 allied professionals. Add the following questions to your new client questionnaire: How is your estate planning attorney? Who is your lawyer? If you’re not asking these questions, you should.
  2. Call them personally and ask if you can meet at their offices to discuss ways you can help them generate business while providing more comprehensive client services.
  3. Have a staff member confirm the appointments 48 hours in advance.
  4. Make the meeting about them! What are their passions? What charities do they support? Where do their kids go to school? Where did they go to school?
  5. Have a next step – and follow through! Is there a joint presentation you can give together?
  6. Follow-up with a handwritten thank-you note. Send it immediately. Spend five minutes as soon as your meeting is over and get it down; it is so powerful!

Carly Schulaka
Managing Editor
Practice Management Solutions magazine
Financial Planning Association
Denver, Colo.

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